New in Town: Your Pie at The Glen

A new pizza joint swells the ranks of the many others in Chicago (we love our pizza in this town!). The Glen welcomes Your Pie, a build-your-own establishment serving real craft beers, hot Panini sandwiches, chopped salads and gelato to boot. Your Pie opened on Friday, Oct. 2 and owner Shawn Reinheart says business has been good so far. Reinheart has high hopes for the restaurant, which he says is a cut above many other “down the line” pizza places. “We hand toss all our pizza dough and we use a real brick oven,” Reinheart says. This technique gives a much better flavor to the pizza than other places that machine-toss their dough and use a conveyor oven. Toppings range from tofu to banana peppers and gluten-free options are available.

Your Pie
2085 Tower Drive
The Glen

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