10 Ways to Repurpose Those Old Mason Jars

Did you collect a shelf full of Mason jars back when they were all the rage? Maybe you no longer want them front and center as tabletop décor, but no need to toss them just yet. We mined Pinterest (and a few of our other favorite sites) to find clever ways to repurpose your Mason jars. You’ll even find a few cool Mason jar products to try.

1. On-the-Go Salad in Mason Jar

Go green — literally. Instead of buying containers that you are just going to throw away, use Mason jars to tote salads to work or school. You can be healthy and eco-friendly at the same time.

2. Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

Do you ever get tired of those boring tissue boxes, or just want to spice up your bathroom décor? Well, you’re in luck! You can turn a Mason jar into a tissue dispenser. Place it on the sink in your guest bathroom, and soon enough all your friends will be asking where you bought that adorable tissue jar.

3. Baked Dessert in a Mason Jar

Fresh baked goodies are always delicious, but served in a mini Mason jar, they are even sweeter. This is a great idea for parties or holiday gifts.

4. Hanging Herb Garden in Mason Jars

Have a green thumb? Love cooking? Then this Mason jar craft is perfect for you! This one might take a little bit more effort than some of the others, but if you are in the kitchen a lot and love recipes with fresh ingredients, then it will be worth the time you spend making your own hanging herb garden.

5. Less-Clean-Up Mason Jar Blender

This may only work with large Mason jars, but the results are great! Just attach your jar to your blender and you now have a fresh blended smoothie with less cleanup. Perfect if you are on the go, or if you don’t want to wash that extra dish.

6. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Shake up your next girls’ night by mixing cocktails in this repurposed Mason jar.

7. Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Set

Ever wanted to cold brew your own coffee? Well now you can with this Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee set.

8. Hanging Mason Jar Storage

We all could use some more storage in our kitchens. Now you can create a fun way to keep food fresh by installing Mason jar hanging storage.

9. Mason Jar Chores Chart

Create a fun way to get track of your kids’ chores with this Mason jar chore chart.

10. Mason Jar Fish Bowl

Make a Mason jar into an adorable home for your fish!

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