9 Steps to Make Your Entryway More Inviting

The entryway to your house is where you hang your coat, drop your keys and take off your shoes, but it’s also the first place that guests see when they enter your home. Make a stellar first impression with these nine easy updates!

The Essentials

1. Chicago’s Elizabeth Stamos, principal and owner of Elizabeth Stamos Design, says a console or circular entry table is a must in the entryway. “Add a tray on top where you can drop off your keys or mail and add some storage baskets below,” she says. “If you are looking for a cleaner look, add a skirt to the table to hide the storage.”

Collage courtesy of Elizabeth Stamos Design.

2. Add something living. A single orchid, potted plant, vase of flowers or grouping of succulents on an entry table looks fresh and elegant.

3. Framed photographs, particularly black and whites, look beautiful on a console table and they give your guests a glimpse into your life.

4. “Have a place for people to sit if you prefer them to remove their shoes when they enter. A small ottoman or bench is fine—the size of the foyer will determine what that seating is,” Holloway says.

Warm Up the Walls

5. Changing the paint color is an inexpensive way to warm up the space. Consider a dark color or a deeper shade of the paint color used on your main floor to create a dramatic look. “Warm it up! Just because entryways are hallways doesn’t mean they need to be neglected,” Stamos says. “Make them homey.”

Consider the Lighting

6. Letitia Holloway, owner and designer at I.D.E.A.S. in Highwood, says lighting the entryway sets the tone for how you welcome your guests. She suggests lights that cast patterns on ceilings and walls. Or, add a dramatic light fixture. “Add some scale to the space by incorporating a light fixture,” Holloway says. “This is especially nice if you have soaring ceilings, as dropping a pendant or chandelier immediately brings things down to human scale, making the space feel not so large or overwhelming.”

Dont Forget the Floor

7. “Adding a beautiful runner instantly cozies up a space,” says Stamos. Rugs are also an easy accessory to change out seasonally to instantly refresh your space. Holloways favors FLOR squares for foyer rugs so you can easily change your rug depending on your mood.

Finishing Touches

8. “Everyone needs a last-minute check before leaving or entering, especially on a cold winter day,” Stamos says. “A statement mirror does just that.” Holloway suggests using big mirrors to reflect light and make a small foyer seem larger.updating-entryway-baskets

9. Holloway’s favorite tip is to use art to dress a foyer wall. “Support your local artists or find art in your travels, connecting you and your guests with your experiences.” There is also an abundance of online retailers that sell affordable art that can make a striking impression on your walls.