Breathe New Life Into Your Living Space

As the focal point of a room, a fireplace can either complete a space’s beautiful design or stick out like a sore thumb. Does your fireplace need a new modern look or does it need to be restored to efficient operation? At Lindemann Chimney Co., we offer the ultimate in quality fireplace remodeling, refinishing, and restoration designed to fit any budget.

Beautify and Update Your Fireplace

Refinishing a fireplace can breathe new life into your living space. For example, incorporating contemporary touches like granite or quartz with traditional stonework makes an outdated fireplace feel state-of-the-art. Adding a new mantel or covering worn brick are other good ways to enhance your fireplace’s beauty. Refinishing an existing fireplace is a great opportunity to add value to your home while avoiding the cost and mess of a complete renovation.


If you love your home’s fireplace but want to make it fresh and updated, you may want to consider hiring a professional to complete a fireplace restoration. Restoring an older fireplace can preserve the historical value of a home while increasing the fireplace’s overall safety and structural integrity. Our design team is experienced at helping our customers match new stone or woodwork to the existing structure ensuring the renovation is seamless.

Affordable, High Efficiency and Clean

One of the most popular alternatives to the standard wood-burning fireplaces is a direct vent gas fireplace. These closed combustion units feature simple installation, burn cleanly, and require little maintenance. They are also excellent at radiating heat throughout an entire room at a 65 percent to 99 percent efficiency rating. With a variety of trim options available, a direct vent fireplace is certain to add elegance and style to your home.


A ventless gas fireplace is the simplest way to add an inviting fire to virtually any room while eliminating the need for a chimney or vent. This energy efficient alternative offers a realistic-looking flame pattern along with many traditional or contemporary finishes to suit any aesthetic. Featuring a zero clearance design, these units offer flexibility unmatched in standard fireplaces. Hiring a professional to complete the installation of a ventless gas fireplace is essential for a tight-fitting and accurately adjusted unit.

Why Lindemann

Lindemann Chimney Service has been servicing Chicago’s North Shore and Northern Suburban area since 1969. We were founded by former fire captain Gary Lindemann when he saw the immediate local need for chimney and fireplace safety.


With forty years of experience and talent, Lindemann Chimney Service has become a leader in innovation and technology. We set the standards in the industry not only in the Chicago area but around the country. Our Chicago chimney history is a proud testament to our current focus on the future in the chimney sweeping and repair industry.

We are fueled by uncompromising integrity. We demonstrate honest, ethical business practices and our actions are consistent with our strong internal values. We place the success of our business and its people ahead of personal gain.


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