Creative Organization Solutions Clears up Mess and Stress

All right.  So maybe you aren’t exactly a “Type A” personality. But don’t you wish you could be once in a while?

Then maybe you wouldn’t find yourself curled up in fetal position in officebeforefront of boxes of photographs meant to be a scrapbook for your parents’ 50th anniversary, the pattern for the troll costume for your fourth-grader’s school play, and the paint chips you picked up 5 weeks ago to choose a color for the family room before you repaint it in time for your 8th grader’s open house.

Get the picture?

Organization experts aren’t just for closets—the duo behind Creative Organization Solutions can bring order to everything from the toy chest to the “to-do” list. Proprietors Tory Day of Wilmette and Ellen Karas of Chicago combined their natural talents last year to create their company, which offers services by hourly or project-based rates.

Creative Organization Solutions operates from Day’s and Karas’s cell phones; there is no storefront because what they sell, you can’t see. It’s peace of mind, stress relief and help with the job you didn’t apply for—day-to-day living.

“We take things from ‘to-do’ to done,” says Karas, who has been helping people reorganize and refresh their interior décor for more than a decade.

officeafter“Our services are really broad,” Day says. “We can come in with a free consultation and help you prioritize … and then not feel as if these projects are hanging over your head.”

Day and Karas can tackle that list for you, too—ranging from planning a special event to getting bids on a home repair or decorating project. They can track down that special calculator for your daughter’s pre-calc class and re-organize your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to décor, Day and Karas can take inventory of your existing pieces and offer up a fresh look without having to spend more money on home accessories.

“We’re all about reuse and renewal—uncovering the buried treasure in your home and putting it to good use,” Day says.

It’s a business from which both women have reaped great personal pleasure because of its end result: a happy client who can relax and enjoy day-to-day living again.

“[This venture] is such a personal, private thing,” Karas says. “And it’s wonderful to know our clients trust us so much that they come back to us again and again.”

before_and_after_basementWritten in proud partnership with our sponsor Creative Organization Solutions.
Could you use Creative Organization Solutions’ personal touch? Give them a call at 773-610-2328 or visit their Web site.