Better Buys: 6 Things That Make Moms’ Lives So Much Easier

products that make moms' lives easier: Comfort Design Play Mats

Kid stuff. It’s such a double-edged sword, am I right, moms? When you’re pregnant, you obsess over your registry, worried you won’t have absolutely EVERYTHING you need, but soon after your little one arrives, you start to feel suffocated by So. Much. Stuff. It’s a proven fact that clutter causes stress, so the last thing we want to tell you to do is go out and buy more things, but sometimes, there are those life-saving products that make your days so much easier that they’re totally worth it. Here are six of our new favorite mom-saving products.

Comfort Design Play Mats

Parents of young kids often feel like their homes have been totally overtaken by kid stuff. Not only are you constantly walking on eggshells, wondering when you’ll land howling on the next Lego piece (If you haven’t been there yet, trust me, you will.), that sophisticated, adult space you worked so hard to decorate before your kiddos came along might be barely recognizable beneath the piles of stuffed animals and baby-proofing paraphernalia. If you have managed to keep any of your grown-up décor out in the open, you’re probably living in a constant state of panic that it’s going to fall victim to a rogue smashed blueberry. Enter Comfort Design Play Mats. Go ahead and put away that expensive rug somewhere safe for awhile, because these are so stylish you won’t even miss it. Available in a variety of colors and styles to match any home’s décor, the hypoallergenic, BPA-, formaldehyde- and lead-free, non-toxic mats are easy to clean and perfectly cushion new walkers during those inevitable tumbles. From $129.95


products that make moms' lives easier: Dreampad

Moms love their kids, but let’s be honest, moms really love their kids when they’re sleeping peacefully, leaving mom to get some time to herself (even if it’s just to do laundry or pack lunches for said snoozing children). So there’s nothing more stressful for tired moms than a kid who struggles to sleep. Enter Dreampad, a genius sleep aid that delivers music using bone conduction through a comfy pillow. The music can only be heard by the user and has been found to significantly reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, increase total time asleep and improve sleep quality. And moms, if you find your mind races with to-do lists all night when you should be snoozing, Dreampad could be the perfect solution for you, too! Starting at $149

Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair

products that make moms' lives easier: Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair

Parents, look no further for the perfect high chair. Modern, stylish and ridiculously easy to clean, this chair grows with your kid like no other. Seriously — it goes from high chair to elevated chair for little kiddos to just an all-around cool seat for big kids up to age 12. Bonus: It’s made from eco-friendly, toxin-free materials. $190

Kohl Children’s Museum Membership

Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview

From rainy summer days to long, cold winters, moms are always looking for great ways to entertain stir-crazy kiddos. The Kohl Children’s Museum, rated one of the 15 best children’s museums in the U.S. by, is an almost endless source of fun and learning. With exhibits ranging from an incredibly realistic mini Whole Foods Market, complete with working cash registers, to the SpotHero Car Garage with kid-sized car wash, the hardest part about bringing kids here is getting them to leave! From $130

Bambino Mio Reusable Swim and Cloth Diapers

products that make moms' lives easier: Bambino Mio Reusable Swim and Cloth Diapers

Moms, we’ve all been there. You love the ease of disposable diapers, but you cringe at the thought of how much waste you and your precious babe are sending to the landfill. Even if you’re not up for the extra effort that comes with cloth diapering, strike a happy medium and try reusable swim diapers. Bambino Mio’s award-winning, super soft swim diapers come in adorable patterns, are machine washable and cut out the awkward, soggy bulk of a reusable swim diaper. And if you are a fan of cloth diapering, or want to give it a shot, Bambino Mio’s are tried-and-true favorites among cloth diapering mamas. From $11.40

Happy Baby Organics Clearly Crafted Baby Food Pouches

products that make moms' lives easier: Happy Baby Organics Clearly Crafted Baby Food Pouches

Today’s moms love the ease and transportability of those ubiquitous baby food pouches (so much easier than those glass jars we all grew up with!). But, you’ve probably also heard the scary reports of moms cutting open opaque applesauce pouches only to fine dangerous mold inside. Committed to transparency (literally) when it comes to their products, Happy Family has released a line of clear pouches filled with pureed organic fruits and veggies, so moms can see exactly what’s inside those pouches before handing them over to their kiddos. $1.38 each

Before You Buy…

If you need to make room for any of these great products by clearing out things you don’t need, be sure to check out our guide to where to donate so you can make sure someone else benefits from the things you don’t need anymore.


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