How Do You Get the Cool House on the Block?

As a parent, I always wanted the home where the neighborhood kids wanted to hang out in. I thought it would keep my own children close, where I felt they were safest. I also love to entertain, and not just during the holidays. A week doesn’t go by without some friends or family stopping by for a visit. My family loves to cook, often conducting “Food Network” cooking competitions. When I became an empty nester, I wanted my home to feel welcoming to my adult children.

These reasons (and more) are why someone might want to have the cool house on the block. Not necessarily an ego thing, it’s simply a desire to have what you value most, friends and family, close to you.


The question becomes “How do you get the cool house on the block?” If you are starting the process to design a new home, select an architect who is known for innovative, fun spaces and the specific details you are looking for. While interviewing, ask for examples of things they have done in the past to create that cool home on the block look. When building a new home, you have a blank slate with all kinds of opportunities. Recently, we’ve designed built-in secret doors to fun spaces, incredible  pools, luxurious man caves, bedroom lofts, home theaters, wine cellars, two story slides, organization rooms and more.

If you are considering remodeling, there are plenty of options as well. Kitchens designed for entertaining, perhaps with multiple sinks to encourage your own cooking competitions; separate reading or hang out nooks; homework spaces; a designated sleepover space; outdoor entertainment terraces or the ultimate video gaming arena.

Whether new or a remodel, your home should reflect what is uniquely you. Think of family traditions, special interests, a desired benefit or the trends you are seeing in technology, entertainment or education. All are good sources for ideas on how to make your home the cool house on the block. Let your design team help you fine-tune any ideas you may have.


Sometimes it’s a matter of having that beautiful, extraordinary elevation- one that doesn’t look like the rest of the neighborhood. Often our clients ask for a design that stops traffic or causes people to linger and really enjoy the beautiful imagery that is your home. The secret is to have a skilled architect develop sketches based on your ideal images. Houzz is a great resource for this. An elevation that features a touch of whimsy, a unique dormer, an eyebrow window, a swooped wall or a stair tower can contribute.

Whether it’s the inside of your home, the exterior elevation or an incredible yard, the benefits of having the cool house on the block include higher resale value, shorter sales duration and most importantly a better life for the family and friends who are lucky to enjoy your home with you.