Mother’s Day Jewelry

Most mamas love receiving jewelry, but even more touching are pieces that remind her of her loving kiddies.


For an extra special gift, we found items that both mothers and daughters can wear and cherish.


The birth of her daughter Hannah Rose inspired Chicago jewelry designer Amy Draper to create the Hannah collection, pieces that can be personalized with mother’s and children’s names or initials and accompanying birthstones.

Amy Draper Hannah collection pendant, prices start at $450, Rena Sternberg Gallery


A fun alternative to more traditional birthstones, these simple brass discs drilled with astrological constellations can be layered together to represent the birthdays of all Mom’s babies.

Julie Nolan Astrological Necklace, $45, Catbird


These ID tags from Chicago-based designer Julie Schwanbeck come in a variety of metals and can be customized with different chains and extra tags and initials, so Mom can carry the names of all her kiddos close to her heart.

Jules ID Tags, prices start at $150,


This sweet necklace features “mother” and “daughter” hearts and a special engraving on the back.

Always My Daughter Diamond Pendant, $79, Bradford Exchange