Engagement: Andrea Foreman and Daniel Fisher

Andrea Foreman and Daniel Fisher

After their respective first marriages ended, Andrea and Daniel joined a dating site. After a few tentative online interactions, they decided to meet for dinner — and the rest is history.

“When we met, I realized we had so much in common,” Andrea says. “We talked for hours and didn’t even realize anyone else was in the restaurant.”

After dinner, Daniel walked her to her car and surprised her, albeit pleasantly, with a kiss.

The couple dated happily for three years before Daniel surprised Andrea, albeit pleasantly, once again, but this time with a ring.

“We had looked at rings in November while vacationing in Texas,” Andrea says. “I showed him the style I liked. He really never mentioned it after that and I thought it would be a while ’til we got engaged.”

Just a few weeks after their vacation, on Dec. 2, Daniel handed Andrea a box with “the most gorgeous ring [she’d] ever seen” and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together.

Andrea Foreman and Daniel Fisher engagement

Daniel’s original plan was slightly more dramatic, but Andrea says she “blew it.”

“I needed a new robe, but I went out and bought myself one. He was going to buy me a robe and put [the ring] in the pocket,” she says.

Andrea is looking forward to being a bride again, and for the last time. The couple plans to marry in the summer of 2017, although the details haven’t been hammered out yet. The couple wants a small, simple and elegant wedding. Andrea would like her children, Sam and Shayna, to walk her down the aisle and for their families, including Daniel’s two children, Karina and Paul, and close friends to celebrate with them.

“Some people say to me, why get married again?” Andrea wrote in an email. “Well, it just makes your bond even that much closer. And with all the terrible things that are going on in the world, why not have something good and exciting to look forward to?”