Amazing Woman Nominees: Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman Are Libertyville’s Makeup Mavens

Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman, both Libertyville mothers of 2, are about to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their company, AmazingCosmetics. And what a decade it’s been …

It all started in 1999 when Katz couldn’t find a concealer that she was happy with. She decided to create her own, and AmazingCosmetics was born.

Thurman, who has a retail management background, does a lot of the creative and marketing work for the company, while Katz, a former stockbroker, handles the numbers with flair. The Internet allowed the 2 moms to launch their business from home while raising their kids.

Now the 40-something duo has an office, a staff of a dozen full-timers and their own distribution center. Responding to constant requests from the women of Libertyville, Katz and Thurman opened a storefront in downtown Libertyville in early 2008. A snowstorm hit on opening day, but that didn’t keep women from lining up outside.

Many women swear by AmazingCosmetics’ AmazingConcealer, saying that its coverage is nothing short of amazing—so it’s no surprise that it is the company’s biggest seller.

AmazingCosmetics is more than a business for Katz and Thurman. They are passionate about making women’s complexions look naturally beautiful, so that little other makeup is necessary. The most rewarding part, Thurman says, is getting e-mails from women who have been severely burned or scarred.

And now that their business is a hit, Katz and Thurman make giving back a priority: They do makeovers for numerous charity fashion shows each year.

“We’re so glad to be at a point with the company where we can finally say yes,” Thurman says.