Better Makers Submission Guidelines

First, we need a press release or basic event write-up plus two details:

  • How much money was raised or what goal was met?
  • Who were the event sponsors?

Second, we need photos and captions from your event:

  • Submit at least 5 high-resolution photos of participants, including key figures such as co-chairs or directors
  • Submit 1 high-resolution “impact photo” that shows who or what benefitted from the event. (i.e. kids drinking clean water, a new school being built, happy rescued pets)
  • Include a text file or spreadsheet with photo captions, so we know who’s who and what’s what. Please submit the position in organization (e.g., Event Chair, Women’s Board member, President) of the individuals in each caption. Please also include the photographer’s name.
  • Submit photos and captions via Dropbox link, ZIP file, etc. 


Do you guarantee that my Better Maker submission will get into the magazine? Can you tell me when it will be printed? We really, really, really want to be in the magazine.

We can’t guarantee that your submission will be included, but we can guarantee that if you submit ALL of the required materials it will get reviewed by our Editorial Team.

For Better Makers examples, visit our Better Makers section.