Take a Drive Down Recycling Avenue

Cell phone has water damage? Time to get a new one!

But before you throw away that old cell phone, think about this. The chemicals from one cell phone have the ability to pollute up to 158,000 gallons of water. Talk about water damage!

Instead of throwing away your old phone, MP3 player, GPS device, calculator, laptop, or modem, make a difference by donating these items to Recycling Avenue, an organization that helps our environment while simultaneously providing jobs for the physically challenged. Recycling Avenue disposes of the small electronic items that flood our landfills with toxins. Some toxins in these electronics have been associated with cancer and other reproductive, neurological and developmental disorders.

The organization was founded by a group of physically challenged young adults who want to make a difference in our world. Their services are free, and they’re willing to run a recycling campaign at your business! Their recycling campaigns have been held at offices, churches, libraries, schools, and clubs around the Chicago area.

To schedule a recycling drive, just call them at 847-951-1607, and they’ll provide bins, brochures and will come pick up your recyclables. They’ll make it easy! Go to Recycling Avenue’s website, www.recyclingavenue.com, to find out more about how you can help save our environment in a quick and easy way!