Thought Leadership: Community Connectors

Word-of-mouth wisdom among like-minded friends, neighbors, colleagues, moms, sisters, cousins, aunts and women living in the same community is powerful.

Where else can you tap into community happenings? Support local businesses who give back? Be inspired by outstanding women along the North Shore doing amazing things for their families, communities, charities and so many others? Make It Better is supported by a network of these like-minded women.

In addition to the tremendous reader feedback that makes it onto the site, there are “Community Connectors” who help supply story ideas, leads, feedback and, yes, word-of-mouth wisdom.

Take the local farmers market. Editor-in-Chief Jill Ciminillo asked each of the Community Connectors to submit their favorite local farmers markets. What are “the best of the best” picks? What are the local treasures and why? Which markets have entertainment for kids? What’s the best bet for your pets?

Ah ha, I thought. Some of my dearest friends and neighbors adore our local Deerfield market. So, I polled my network and found out what their family favorites were. I learned that some kids had special treats they looked forward to all week. Many families even consider it their weekly tradition of sorts. Everyone leaves with a smile—even the family dog.

What could be better? Fresh fruits, veggies, flowers and baked goods to enjoy all week. The parallel crystallized. Farmers markets represent the essence of Make It Better: Supporting your local farmers and businesses for the betterment of your family and community.

As the process works, Community Connectors ask their trusted peers, friends and neighbors about all the good that’s happening. Then these connectors become thought leaders—the “go-to” friends and family you call upon for expertise.

We all have them, and we all know them: The friend who knows the best days to shop the markets for specials,  or where to find a bargain on the latest jeans, or the friend who has researched every day camp on the North Shore. These are friends and family you trust and who have never let you down with their recommendations, referrals or sage counsel.

Thought leaders have been around for centuries. Ultra-savvy consumers want transparent marketing when making buying decisions. This means that today’s educated public expects authentic and meaningful marketing and advertising. Thought leadership is paramount for business success.

Thought leaders are natural seekers of information, advice and scores of data points. Our future generation will depend on thought leaders, and you can help lead the way with your connections, comments and story leads.

Log on, let us know what you think, and help us Make It Better.

Hannah R. Dumo is a Strategic Marketing Consultant—President for HRD Consulting as well as a Make It Better Community Connector for Deerfield.