Home ‘Fir’ The Holidays — How to Choose and Care for Your Christmas Tree

Why choose a Fraser fir as your Christmas tree?

Nothing is quite as reminiscent of the holidays as the clean, crisp scent of a freshly cut Fraser fir. The Fraser fir is the most popular Christmas tree in the United States because of its soft needles and iconic shape. It also has regularly served as the official Christmas tree of the White House, being featured prominently in the Blue Room over the years. More on Christmas tree lore and care can be found at our website here.

Fraser firs have a beautiful, narrow silhouette. The spacing between the branches is ideal for hanging ornaments, and the firs also have firmer branches that can hold heavier ornaments. The one-inch, silvery-green needles are soft to the touch, making stringing lights and decorating a painless task. Keep your freshly cut tree properly watered and you’ll be rewarded with a Fraser fir’s excellent needle retention.

Tips for Caring for Your Fraser Fir

All freshly cut Christmas trees are very thirsty. If you would like your tree to look its best throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas, keep it consistently watered.

Here are some more tips:

  • If you aren’t able to put your tree into a stand within 30 minutes of a fresh cut, it’s best to put it in a bucket of water in a cool location until you’re ready to bring it inside the home.
  • Each tree needs about one quart of water for every inch in diameter at the base of its trunk.
  • Check water levels in the tree stand at least once a day, especially after bringing it indoors. Maintain a consistent level of water so that the trunk is always submerged.
  • Prevent the tree from drying out by placing it away from heat sources such as vents or fireplaces.
  • Consider using a larger tree stand, which will hold more water, meaning there is a lesser chance of the tree drying out.
  • Don’t forget the Wilt-Pruf to keep your container greens and wreaths fresh!

Trimming the Tree

Start the holidays with a strong, sturdy tree stand. We recommend Bowling’s Last Stand tree stands, which are constructed from heavy-gauge welded steel that won’t crack or split. Your tree will stay fresh longer because the bowl holds more water than most tree stands and it is easy to fill! The powder coating finish resists corrosion and adds to its durability. The stands are available in many sizes, with heirloom quality. Look for them, along with our nice selection of Fraser Fir trees, in Pasquesi Home & Gardens’ covered greenhouse.

After you have secured a tree stand and watered your tree, you might want to cover the stand with a decorative tree skirt.

Or, go casual with burlap. If you don’t have a tree skirt, or have multiple trees, burlap fabric works nicely as a casual cover-up. Wrap a swath of natural burlap fabric around the base of the tree and secure it with twine or a contrasting ribbon. When displaying multiple Christmas trees, burlap is an inexpensive choice and the neutral color works well, too.

Next, you’ll want to string lights and hang ornaments.

You can get inspiration for your decor by visiting our Lake Bluff store, where nine themed trees are displayed. Choose from a sparkling assortment of Old World blown glass, paper, felted and heirloom quality ornaments, and tree toppers.

We also have more string lighting than ever before! For your decorating needs, we stock both plug-in and battery-operated holiday lights. To name just a few, we have: Holiday Bright Lights LED T5 light sets in warm white and multicolor; Holiday Bright Lights LED C6 light sets in warm white and multicolor; Holiday Bright Lights LED Starry Lights in warm white and multicolor; Holiday Bright Lights Big Seed Micro Lights in warm white with silver wire; Starry Lights Waterproof Lights with green wire; and commercial-grade indoor and outdoor lights in white and multicolor.

You’ll also find a selection of fresh evergreen garland at Pasquesi Home & Gardens. Deck the halls and windows with lengths of fragrant garland in assorted holiday mixes, including fresh cedar, mixed evergreens, boxwood, pine and more.

For an always-fresh look, consider faux garland. We carry the following varieties: all-red berries, pinecone/mixed evergreen, spruce tips/mini cones, evergreen mix/juniper berries. Matching wreaths are available in select garland mixes.

Festive ribbons and bows also are available at our store. Look for beautiful colors and patterned ribbons in various widths and lengths. Use wide ribbons as garland, and adorn your Christmas tree with bows for a touch of old-school charm.

Christmas trees are a timeless symbol of the holiday season, and a wonderful way to brighten the days of winter. Trim your tree, gather your family around and feel the true spirit of Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Pasquesi Home & Gardens!