Five Tricks for Looking Younger, Fast

Winter days do us no favors when it comes to beauty.

Forced heat and blustery winds suck the life out of our skin and hair, making us feel (and look) older than we should.

Try one or all of these easy and affordable beauty boosters to help freshen up your look.

Spray Finish
Yes, there is a spray for that. Skindinavia created the original Makeup Finish Spray for Hollywood makeup artists, and today the line includes the products: Bridal Makeup Finish, No More Shine and 10 Years Younger. These sprays not only help set your makeup, but also create a subtle glow that lasts all day and prevents your makeup from drying or creasing. A quick spritz over your makeup and you’re set for the day—literally.

10 Years Younger Makeup Finish, $19-$39, Skindinavia

Change of Face
Get the appearance of flawless skin with the Miracle Skin Transformer. While it won’t erase spots and discolorations permanently, this lightweight, tone-improving lotion hydrates and reduces redness, helps refine and smooth fine lines and provides SPF 20 UVA/UVB protection. In six shades, including translucent, this secret skin weapon will become a staple in your makeup regimen.

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer, $48, Sephora

Eye Wonder
Whether you use a drug store brand or spend a small fortune on La Mer, eye cream is a must. A dab under each eye and a pea-sized amount on your crow’s feet at night will help ensure your skin is refreshed and plumped when you wake up. For day, Benefit’s top selling Ooh La Lift works wonders to refresh tired eyes and brighten your whole look. With raspberry extracts and light-reflecting pigments, this pink balm comes with a built-in wand and can be used alone or over makeup.

Ooh La Lift, $22, Benefit

Rip Van Wrinkleless
Some experts maintain that satin pillowcases are akin to the fountain of youth, and they might very well prevent wrinkles and help your skin retain moisture. Besides enjoying sweet dreams nestled in luxurious satin, you also won’t wake up with creases on your face, which can be embarrassing if you’re a get-up-and-go kind of person.

Color Conscious
According to Danielle Sulikowski, professional stylist and owner of Celebrity Salon in Evanston, “Hair color can help make you look younger, especially with dimensional highlights to accent your features and give your hairstyle some fun.” On the flip side, Sulikowski says, darker colors can sometimes look muddy and make you appear tired, particularly without the right makeup. “I notice women doing this with do-it-yourself box color,” she adds. “Let a professional master your color to keep you looking younger and help maintain a healthy shine, with glaze treatments in between.”