Better or Bust: Immersion Blender Ninja Warrior

My Cuisinart immersion blender gave up the ghost prematurely, but past its warranty expiration date.

After one attempt to pour hot soup into a blender—broth and carrot blobs all over the counter—I went on the hunt for a new immersion blender.

These handy gadgets let you leave the soup in the pot and blend it in place. Less mess and potentially fewer trips to the emergency room!

The Ninja Warrior ($79) looks like most stick blenders, except it has 3 blades on the bottom instead of just one. And when I tried it with a variety of soups (it is January after all) every one blended up just fine with few spatters or lumps.

Like most small appliances, the Ninja feels the need to multi task and comes with a blender cup, and a food processor blade and bowl. Meh. I give it a “Better” for the pureeing, and a “Bust” for the other functions. The food processor was not as good as my 20-year old Cuisinart and the blender left chunks of banana and ice in my smoothie.

Still, it’s all dishwasher save, and if you’re in tight quarters and don’t have room for a bunch of single-use gadgets, the performance was good enough. If you can overlook the “As Seen On TV” name and hype, the Ninja is a puree master.

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