Writers Theatre: An Exclusive Look at the New Glencoe Theater

Writers Theatre: An Exclusive Look at the New Glencoe Theater - Make It Better

There would be no spectacular new home for Writers Theatre, which will put this location firmly on the national theater map, without Michael Halberstam, the theater’s artistic director. His artistry, passion and charm led the organization from small community theater in the back of a bookstore to national prominence. Any time spent with Halberstam is quality time indeed.

Writers Theatre Artistic Director Michael Halberstam
Michael Halberstam (Photo by Joe Mazza – brave lux.)

The space’s inaugural production will be “Arcadia,” which runs March 16-May 1. The mystery/comedy piece, directed by Halberstam, will be another milestone as it is Writers Theatre’s 100th production.

My private tour of the venue with Halberstam was another excellent reminder of his stunning skills, and mastery of verbal and visual communication. He was eager to show me the details of the theater that mean the most to him. Now, we are delighted to share an exclusive snippet of Halberstam’s perspective with you, too, through the photos he’s taken of this stunning new space and his commentary of his favorite elements.

The new Writers Theatre in Glencoe

“It’s hard not to fall in love with the building at night, which is when it will be most viewed (as most of our productions take place in the evening). It is both dramatic and inviting, intimate and engaging.”

Studio Gang and Writers Theatre
Managing Principal Mark Schendel and Founder and Design Principal Jeanne Gang

Studio Gang Principal Architect Jeanne Gang and Managing Principal Mark Schendel (who also happens to be her husband) looking fine on the Grand Staircase against the backdrop of the Litowitz Atrium ceiling.”

Writers Theatre's Alexandra C. and John D. Nichols Theatre
Alexandra C. and John D. Nichols Theatre

“The interior of the Nichols [Theatre] holds an epic scale with its grandiose back wall, but through the proximity created by the thrust stage and the engagement of the seating sections, it still creates the intimacy that audiences loved at our former venue. The theater feels familiar while being clearly so much better than its predecessor.”

Writers Theatre's Litowitz Atrium
Litowitz Atrium

“Gang was attracted to the idea of a theater in a park. The multi-use and people-friendly Litowitz Atrium serves as the theatre’s lobby, and will be a meeting point between the village and the theatre. It promises a lively eco-system.”

Writers Theatre's Bill and Stephanie Sick Rooftop Terrace
Bill and Stephanie Sick Rooftop Terrace

“As Gang said when I first sent her a variation on this picture: ‘Peek-a-boo!’ Again, as you look across the Bill and Stephanie Sick Rooftop Terrace at our Patron’s Lounge, you see the beauty held in the way that nature interacts with design.”

Writers Theatre's Grand Gallery Walk
Grand Gallery Walk

“Light, shadows, wood, heaven!”

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