9 Healthier Cocktail, Wine and Coffee Alternatives to Substitute For Your Favorite Drinks

As delicious as coffee is, and no matter how much we might enjoy wine, seltzers and cocktails, they’re not always the best drinks for our bodies. Whether it’s the jitters from too much caffeine, weight gain from sugar-loaded cocktails, or the dreaded wine hangover, they can have some unpleasant side effects.

That’s why these small businesses created healthier alternatives so you can still enjoy your favorite beverages, while also taking care of your body. Here are nine “better for you” drinks to swap into your daily routine. 


Dhōs makes three different spirits for the health-conscious drinker — Gin Free, Bittersweet and Orange. Handcrafted at their Ransom organic farm and distillery in Oregon, they aimed to replicate the flavors and taste of booze with these spirits so that the only thing missing is the alcohol. 

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines come from small family farms in Europe that use dry farming. Dry farming is farming done without irrigation where the vine finds its own water source which is supposed to save water and create a better fruit. These wines contain lower sulfites, an ABV of less than 12.5%, and they are sugar free and vegan. You can select different memberships based on your preference and have wine delivered right to your door. 


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Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif and its ingredients are designed to promote a natural, soothing, stimulating experience. It includes nervines, which are herbs that are known to soothe the mind and bring the body back from burnout according to Ghia. With an ABV of 0%, this is a drink you can savor all night without fear of the morning hangover. This beverage is definitely for those who like strong drinks as it is fairly bitter and quite herbal. 

Lifevine Wines

These natural wines are pesticide-free and contain zero sugar per serving. They are also lower in calories and carbohydrates, and are designed to fit into a variety of diets while still maintaining good quality and flavor. 

Luna Bay Booch

This female-founded, female-run company strived to make booze that was better for the mind, body and planet, and thus came hard kombucha. Their drinks have an ABV of 6% and they are gluten free, low in sugar, and vegan. Some flavors include Hibiscus Lavender, Huckleberry Basil and a new light version, Lychee Lime. 

Marz Brewing CBD Coffee Tokyo Drift

If you’re looking to escape the jitters that can come with normal coffee, especially after a few cups, this cold brew might be the one for you. Each serving contains 30 mg of organic and certified non-GMO hemp as well as zero calories and zero sugars. The beans for this cold brew are roasted at Bridgeport coffee and Marz describes the drink as having a bright acidity. For those who like a simple, no-frills brew, this could replace your morning cup of joe.

Marz Brewing CBD Elixir Citrus Party

Hard seltzers and non-alcoholic ones alike have grown in popularity recently, and Marz Brewing’s CBD seltzer is a perfect addition. It contains 30 mg of organic and certified non-GMO hemp. The citrus flavor is pleasantly strong in this light, refreshing seltzer. A daily can could keep your thirst quenched, and your mind and body calm at the same time. 

Seedlip Grove 42 Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Photo courtesy of Foxtrot

Seedlip’s Non-Alcoholic Spirit comes in a few flavors and they are allergy friendly, calorie free and sugar free. Grove 42 combines Mediterranean Orange, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass and Ginger with a dry finish. Seedlip recommends serving over ice with Indian Tonic or soda or in your favorite mocktail. This beverage provides a refreshing alternative to traditional cocktails. 

VYBES CBD Drink Strawberry Lavender

This beverage is reminiscent of tangy strawberry lemonade with a delicate lavender taste. The included 25 mg of hemp extract is supposed to balance your mind and body, and have a calming effect and anti-inflammatory benefits. For those looking for a sweet drink, minus all of the sugar, this is the beverage for you. 

ZERO: A New Approach To Non-Alcoholic Drinks”

With recipes developed by Alinea head chef Grant Achatz and co-founder Nick Kokonas, this book is perfect for people looking to make unique and tasty alcohol-free drinks. It contains nearly 100 recipes and it is not supposed to be your typical mocktail book, but rather a guide to making modern, spirit-free beverages. The book even includes ways to make your own non-alcoholic spirits. 

In Chicago and want to grab these locally? Foxtrot delivers in under an hour around the Chicago area, and carries a selection of our favorite “better for you” drinks, featured in this article.

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