Chef Andrew Zimmerman Introduces Global Street Food at Proxi

Proxi: Shaved Zucchini

Restaurant Row welcomed a new face on June 13 — Proxi, the globally-inspired sister restaurant to Sepia. Andrew Zimmerman and Emmanuel Nony have partnered together again to explore the bold flavors of street foods around the world with modern presentations, ranging from snacks and small plates to large dishes for the table. Exotic ingredients and spices are at the forefront, with inventive takes on dishes like Tempura Elotes or Wagyu Sirloin served over a Thai herb salad and roasted rice powder.

Proxi: Roasted Monkfish
Roasted Monkfish

Indulge in desserts by Pastry Chef Sarah Mispagel that have modern elements like tapioca pearls on the Avocado Mousse and experimental flavor combinations like the Miso Pot de Crème with caramelized white chocolate, butterscotch and banana. Drinks are sourced from all around the world, with unfamiliar beers and a rotating, seasonal wine list pairing with vibrant cocktails. All of this comes together in the elegant brasserie aesthetic with leather booths, wood accents and vaulted ceiling, a perfect place to stop by for late-night bites on Friday and Saturday when it’s open until 2 a.m.

Proxi: Wagyu Beef Cheeks
Wagyu Beef Cheeks

565 W. Randolph St.


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