New in Town: Frozen Yogurt Swirls into Lake Bluff

A new frozen yogurt destination has moved in to Lake Bluff late last month.

This family-owned business, or as they like to call it “famchise,” has frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet to satisfy your sweet tooth. Treat yourself at the toppings bar, where they have fresh fruit, sauces, and assorted candy and cereal toppings. Still on that summer diet? Suzy’s Swirl accommodates most dietary requirements, while also carrying nonfat, reduced-fat and no-sugar-added yogurts.

This tasty frozen yogurt destination prides themselves on community involvement, swirling “goodness for our customers, greatness for our crew, and gratitude for our community.”


Up for a challenge? Suzy’s Swirl offers a “Big Joe Challenge,” where the contestant must finish 54 ounces of yogurt and 8 ounces of toppings in 20 minutes or less! If you win, you receive a Big Joe T-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame. If you lose, you donate $20 to the American Heart Association. Suzy’s Swirl also hosts birthday parties and fundraisers in their store. Stop by Suzy’s Swirl for a new and fun frozen yogurt experience!

Suzy’s Swirl
703 Rockland Road
Lake Bluff

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