Mysteries of Cooking With Wine

This month, we’re looking at two tips to cut out and paste inside your copy of Joy of Cooking.

Red and white wines are a great way to introduce richer flavors to a dish than simply adding water. By adding a half cup to a cup to a roast pan after finishing the meat, the resulting liquid can then be reduced into an ethereal sauce that Mom never dreamed possible. But here are the two tips we bet you’ve never heard before.

Tip #1: Wine doesn’t lose much of its alcohol as it cooks. It may take over 2 hours for the alcohol to burn off completely. This may not be an issue for most of us, but it is important to remember if you’ve been told not to mix medication and alcohol.

Tip #2: If you’ve bought a bottle of red or white expressly for cooking but don’t plan to use the whole 25 ounces on one dish, you can store the leftovers in the freezer. One convenient way to handle half a bottle of leftovers is to either pour it into ice cube trays or into Zip-locks. Freeze it either way and use it months later.

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