We Rated 8 On-Trend Canned Rosé Wines Just in Time for Summer

Rating Canned Rose Wines

Of the things that make you think summer, is there anything better than a beautiful rosé wine? Canned wines are practically packaged — they’re smaller, won’t break like glass bottles, don’t require a bottle opener, and contain multiple servings. Cans are also easier to recycle and have a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles.

We sampled (and rated on a scale of one to 10) eight canned rosé wines. Read on for our reviews.

canned rose

1. Alloy Wine Works Everyday Rosé, California 375ML

$30 for a four pack at alloywineworks.com

canned rose: Alloy Wine Works Everyday Rosé

This was one of our favorites, with mild notes of watermelon, guava, and grapefruit. Throw in a straw and your picnic is made.


2. Essentially Geared Rosé, California 375ML

$6.99 available at Whole Foods

canned rose: Essentially Geared Rosé

Essentially Geared’s Rosé had the strongest tasting notes of all the wines we sampled. It was floral and sweet, with a deep orange color. Pink starburst is what Essentially Geared compares it to and we have to agree. If you like your wine sweeter, this is your go-to!


3. Underwood Rosé, Oregon 375ML

$6.50 (plus shipping) at drizly.com

canned rose: Underwood Rosé

Underwood was one of the first wineries to enter the canned wine game and they have always been a crowd favorite for a reason. Their rosé is a classic, with notes of strawberry and peach.


4. Margerum Grenache Rosé, California 500ML

$11.99 at thewinecountry.com

canned rose: Margerum Grenache Rosé

This was the biggest can we found, containing more than half of a bottle of wine. This beautiful grenache rosé is from Santa Barbara County and was a big hit during our tasting. It is light and refreshing, with notes of summer roses.


5. Simpler Wines Rosé, Australia 375ML

$2.99 available at Trader Joe’s

canned rose: Simpler Wines Rosé

If you are in a pinch, swing by Trader Joe’s for this canned rosé. It is fruity and slightly watery, with notes of strawberry. If you can find their often sold-out slim can of sparkling rosé, go with that!


6. Pure Provence Rosé by Mirabeau, France 250ML

$5.99 available at Whole Foods

canned rose: Pure Provence Rosé by Mirabeau

This dry rosé had a nice balance of watermelon and strawberry, with a slight bite on the tongue. Its slim can is very portable, making it perfect for adventures.


7. Underwood Rosé Bubbles, Oregon 350ML

$28 for a four pack at unionwinecompany.com or $5.99 at bestwinestore.com

canned rose: Underwood Rosé Bubbles

If you’re looking for a bubbly rosé, this was our favorite. It is lighter and brighter than Underwood’s still rosé but still brings the flavor with watermelon and peach.


8. Presto Sparkling Rosé, Italy

$3.99 available at Whole Foods

canned rose: Presto Sparkling Rosé

We found this sparkling rosé to be very sour. The bubbles were nice and it was refreshing, but it wasn’t what we were looking for.


Our overall favorite?

canned rose (Underwood)

Underwood Rosé, with its bright flavor and drinkability, takes home top honors, with Margerum Grenache Rosé as the close runner-up. The next time you’re left staring at the endless display of canned wine options at the store, grab these and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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