From Stuffed Squirrels to Saddles, Winnetka’s MacLund Gallery Is All About Personality

If you ask Maclund Gallery co-owners Ro McLaughlin and her sister Barb Lund, they’ll tell you their lovely downtown Winnetka shop specializes in 19th century British antiques and art.

But like a rebellious teenage girl slyly winking at her paramour across a crowded church service, the Maclund Gallery offers a selection of quirky products that whisper a barely audible “call me later,” making her point without disturbing the traditional antiques in their midst.

A stuffed cowboy squirrel stands guard over owner Ro’s desk, its tiny paws clutching a pistol, a harbinger of the shop’s many colorful vignettes: a horse saddle; a top hat and a little metal dog (but not in a bar) seems almost flirty (and still made me laugh); and a traditional living room setting gets some bright red lipstick with a vintage drum coffee table and an entire wall of horse oil paintings. A bit too much makeup perhaps but, darn, it sure looks pretty.

Located in a white brick loft with soaring ceilings and skylights, the Maclund Gallery provides a modern backdrop that works with the quirkier fare to contextualize the antiques for a more contemporary setting and to create a charming shopping experience.

Maclund Gallery opened in 1987; isn’t it time you paid a visit?

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