Packing Away the Holiday Decorations

It’s hardly something we look forward to. The parties are over, the presents opened, the relatives back home. And there it all sits.

Tired looking holiday decorations that just weeks ago sang merry and bright.

So before you tackle that bleary winter’s task, consider this advice—whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Before you start packing, start purging. If you’re like me, some of the decorations purchased in years past need to go. Just remember, your holiday trash could be someone’s treasure.

Take all the ornaments and garland off the tree first, then start packing them away. That gives you more flexibility in arranging fragile with fluffy, oversized with oddly shaped.

Segregate. If you pack up your decorations by room it makes hanging them up next year easier. Mantle with stockings, one box; ornaments and star another, etc.

Just because the holiday is over, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Most of us turn on the Christmas carols as we don our holiday bright. Instead, blast the music you’ve missed this month and relish the return of calm.

Don’t dig out the same old tired cardboard boxes and try to cram everything back in. Instead, give yourself the gift of readymade storage containers designed to meet every holiday tchotchke need.

If you’re a type A personality, treat yourself to a shopping spree at The Container Store. Like the name says, they specialize in containers for any possible storage need.  And holiday paraphernalia is top on the list. They sell plastic bins (topped with a festive red lid) for everything from ornaments to wreaths, and specialty organizers for dishes, glassware and decor. For your fragile fake firs, they’ve got wreath bags with direct suspend, and an upright tree storage bag. And for those family heirlooms, they sell cheerily patterned archival ornament boxes, stuffing and storage chests.

If you’re a just-get-it-done kind of gal, just stop by any superstore (e.g., Target, Walmart, Costco) and you’ll find a wide range of plastic and soft-sided storage options—even in festive tones of red and green.

Remember what mom said: “Do it right the first time, and you only have to do it once.”

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