10 Things Professional Landscapers Do to Their Homes in the Fall

10 Things Professional Landscapers Do to Their Homes in the Fall

Here’s a very useful list of what professional landscape companies do in the fall for their own properties and their clients’ homes.

1. Aerate the lawn’s compacted soil so water and nutrients can reach the roots.

2. Feed your grass roots since they continue to grow until about 40 degrees. Fall is a good time to feed them to encourage root growth so your lawn will green earlier in the spring.

3. Reseed your lawn now that the summer is over. It’s an excellent time to apply grass seed to the parts of your lawn that are stressed from the summer’s sun and fun from foot traffic.

4. Give your lawn a final cut to prevent a moldy fungus.

5. Plant new shrubs, plants, trees, and spring bulbs. The cool temperatures and moist soil is an outstanding combination for establishing roots in this season. Plus, your new additions will be ready for you to fully enjoy in spring.

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6. Mulch plant beds. Plants love a layer of mulch before the ground freezes, especially new plantings. This keeps them warm and assists in controlling water and soil erosion.

7. Cut back perennials and trim perennial foliage down to the ground. This gives the plant roots a burst of energy for next year. Also, remove all tired annual plants to stop bug feeding and divide your crowded plants to give more space for more flowers next year.

8. Trim your dead tree limbs. Snow and winds will damage your home with fallen tree limbs. Get rid of these to eliminate potential damage to your home by cutting cracked and loose limbs now.

9. Rake fallen leaves to allow water and air to get to the root system and avoid inviting pests and diseases.

10. Fill driveway and walkway cracks to prevent water damage from freezing and thawing, thereby creating more damage.

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Many of us choose to hire a landscape maintenance company to care for our property. Remember, fall is also the season to consider changing service providers. This time of year gives you the opportunity to “try out” a new company for a couple of months, giving you ample time to learn if they will be a good fit for you next season.


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