4 Tips for Preserving Your Home’s Exterior and Preventing Costly Repairs

Tips for Preserving Your Home’s Exterior and Preventing Costly Repairs

“It’s what’s inside that counts” is a good mantra for dealing with people, but when it comes to houses, the outside is just as important. Routine exterior maintenance makes a world of difference to a home’s look and quality, not to mention the homeowner’s wallet. Severe weather, sun exposure, and moisture buildup wreak havoc on a home’s exterior. Pinpointing and repairing damaged areas before they escalate into major problems preserves the home’s value and saves the homeowners from much more costly repairs down the road.

Annual spring or summer “checkups” are a great way to preserve the beauty and value of your home. These are ideal times to identify weather damage and complete any needed repairs. Jeff Hester, vice president of Hester Painting & Decorating, urges homeowners to pay close attention to their exteriors. “Annual exterior inspections help the home’s curb appeal, but the key reasons to do it are your home’s longevity and value,” Hester says. “Many homeowners can spot an issue after it has done damage, but it is better — and far less expensive — to catch potential problems before they fester.”

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Here are four key areas to inspect:

  1. Paint Deterioration: Walk around your home’s exterior and look for any paint or caulk that has cracked, peeled, or blistered. Properly painted areas not only look better, but they also protect the home as exposed wood is especially prone to weather damage. Any break in the exterior finish of the house is an opening for moisture to enter, eventually leading to mildew and rot.
  2. Examine the surfaces: Winter’s freeze-thaw cycle is hard on homes. Look for signs of splitting or peeling on every horizontal surface — window sills, steps, fences, and doorframes. Seal and repaint.
  3. Check the deck: With wood decks, it is important to inspect carefully for nails and screws that winter’s wrath may have pushed up. Tear off any large splinters of wood. Scout for wasp nests or other infestations. Restain or reseal the wood because preventative maintenance could double the life of a deck.
  4. Sun and Shade: Pay particular attention to areas of intense sun or shade. Harsh sun can fade sections of paint finish, while portions of a home that are in deep shade may be subject to mildew and mold.

Routine, preventative maintenance keeps your home looking its best while dramatically reducing the cost of repairs. For homeowners in the Chicagoland area, Hester Painting & Decorating offers free annual exterior inspections through its Exterior Maintenance Program. Homeowners receive a detailed, no-obligation evaluation, including cost estimates and timelines for suggested repairs. Customers rave, “One less worry in my life,” “Worry-free exterior,” and “Why would I try to do it when Hester Painting & Decorating takes care of it for me every spring?” You’ll preserve the value and beauty of your home — one of your largest assets — and you’ll save money by avoiding extensive repairs that could have been easily resolved by early detection.

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