8 Drool-Worthy Instagram Accounts for Foodies

Warning: This article may induce cravings and destroy diets. If, like us, you enjoy a little food porn from time to time, here are eight drool-worthy Instagram accounts you should be following. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. @hungrybetches

We love these “betches” because they post scrumptious-looking breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Between the ultimate bacon, egg cheese and avocado on a bagel, and the savory PB&J ice cream sandwich, drooling while scrolling is almost guaranteed.

Our most salivated upon post: @hungrybetches’ parent trap moment with their personal cookies and cream cheesecake, topped with Oreos, chocolate chips and honey-roasted peanut butter. Yes, please!

2. @chicagofoodauthority

We must give a shout-out to our hometown, and it’s well deserved in this case. This account gives us a wide array of food selections, activating dangerous food cravings at all hours of the day and night. 

Our most salivated upon post: Their pepperoni and whipped ricotta pizza from Coalfire, because, if we’re being honest, it’s never a bad time for pizza. After all, this is Chicago, right?

3. @food_ilysm

They love food, and we love the food that they post. From fried mac-and-cheese balls to cannoli pizza, we dare you to try to find something unappealing—it’s impossible. One may develop carpal tunnel by scrolling through their abundance of deliciousness, and still refuse to stop.

Our most salivated upon post: Their guacamole bacon burger. Crispy bacon. And guac. On top of meat. So decadent, we can almost taste it.


A photo posted by #foodilysm (@food_ilysm) on

4. @sprinklebakes

This account is dedicated to desserts, and who can resist a freshly baked, frosting-covered, Instagram-worthy dessert? Not us, that’s for sure!

Our most salivated-upon post: The chocolate-chip-cookies-and-milk cake. It looks more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day—and we just can’t stop staring.

5. @smittenkitchen

We are completely smitten with this kitchen, and once you view their posts, you will be, too. Their pictures inspire us cook and eat. It may be bad for our diets, but it’s good for our taste buds, and, hey, life is short!

Our most salivated upon post: These twice-baked potatoes stuffed with cheese, sour cream and chopped greens leave us wanting to eat them twice a day for the rest of our lives.

6. @iamafoodblog

Even the relatively healthy options, like avocado and egg toast, look delicious. And, their matcha beignets? Try not to lick your screen. Our most salivated upon post: We couldn’t resist this glorious carb overload – spaghetti and crispy garlic bread topped with cheese.

7. @thefeedfeed

Scrolling through their posts may tempt you to quit your day job and become a professional chef—or simply a professional food taster. Either way, @thefeedfeed’s steady stream of fun and colorful dishes is most definitely drool-worthy.

Our most salivated upon post: We’re not quite sure if there are words that could give the M&M pizza the recognition it truly deserves. To set the scene for you, it’s made up of chocolate cookie crust, peanut butter sauce, M&Ms and coconut. And so, use your imagination.

8. @coolhaus

This Instagram feed is perfect for us Chicagoans, since Coolhaus ice cream trucks and carts are currently only located in California, NYC, Austin and Dallas – so the calories aren’t conveniently within our reach. But after scrolling through this account, we may be tempted to purchase a last-minute plane ticket just get our hands on this fresh-baked-cookie-and-ice-cream combo.

Our most salivated upon post: We can’t take our eyes off of the two-story ice cream sandwich: salted caramel and Nutella toasted almond ice creams, double chocolate chip cookies, and a Fruity Pebbles cookie placed in the middle. We’re screaming for this ice cream.

A photo posted by coolhaus (@coolhaus) on

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