E Street Denim Now Accessorizes

E Street AccessoriesIf love is in the details, then the North Shore is about to develop a huge crush on EXTRAS at E Street Denim in Highland Park. Friday, Aug. 7, E Street unveiled its exclusive collection of accessories in its newest concept store—EXTRAS—under the direction of Lisa Silverberg, EXTRAS’ owner.


“E Street has experimented with accessories in the past and has realized that this could be a real market for them,” says Silverberg of her store within a store.

With Highland Park’s E Street Denim store having more than 12,000 square-feet of retail space, offering one-of-a-kind handbags, belts, cashmere scarves and jewelry as you enter the store seems like win-win for everyone.

“We’re lucky to have Lisa,” says Tom George, who owns E Street Denim with his wife Kathy.

Silverberg is the right person to head this new venture having worked in the accessories industry as a sales representative and marketing consultant for the last 15 years.

“My goal is to showcase unique pieces that are well-priced that you won’t find anywhere else,” Silverberg says.

And Silverberg’s eye for beautifully crafted pieces, with links to Hollywood, is obvious.

“A favorite are these Solas bags,” Silverberg explains.

This line, developed by a husband and wife team originally from the South Side of Chicago, are built with LED lighting inside so that when the handbag opens, a woman can actually find what’s she’s looking for.

“Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz have been seen carrying these bags,” Silverberg says. “This line is beautiful and functional—they’re great for evening when you’re trying to unlock a door or get into your car.”

Solas bags start at $130.

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, or at least a fan of Gossip Girl’s fashion, Silverberg has the actual handbags carried in last season’s finale from Surly Girl. The only other place these must-have clutches can be found are at the Surly Girl Boutique, across the street from the famous Ivy Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Don’t leave EXTRAS without sneaking a peek at the jewelry. Silverberg captures all of the current trends from vintage chains with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe to rings and cuffs made with chunky natural stones. With something for everyone at a variety of price points, no one should leave empty handed.

Soon, Silverberg plans to have a selection of cowboy boots that will be the perfect accent to the E-Street Denim.

“We’re going to test things out and see what works best for our customers,” Silverberg says.

Considering the store was already crowded the day before it officially opened, EXTRAS is off to a great start.

EXTRAS at E Street is located at 1876 First St. in Highland Park. E Street also has locations at 908 Green Bay Rd. in Winnetka and 741 West Main St. in Lake Geneva, Wisc. Visit E Street online at www.estreetdenim.com.

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