Eco-Chic Clothing From Lake Forest’s WaterMeWell

WaterMeWell Owner and DaughterWe’ve all heard it at one time or another: Positive thinking can benefit mind, body and soul. However, two North Shore women have taken it one step further, and as a result, their business has taken flight.


WaterMeWell is the brainchild of Lake Bluff resident Hollis Blume, along with her sister Alison Cartwright, in Washington state—the sisters grew up in Wilmette. They introduced the concept of combining positive energy with apparel in 2005, and Lake Forest resident Meg Barnhart came on board in 2008.

The company offers a variety of T-shirts, sleep slips, camisoles, scarves and socks—created from all-natural cotton or bamboo fabrics and imprinted with “highly calibrated vibrational messages,” such as Believe, Love, Gratitude and Peace printed on the inside of the clothing.

We know—you’re thinking, “highly calibrated vibrational whaaa?”—but don’t knock it until you try it. WaterMeWell’s mission isn’t based on whimsy.

“The research is there,” Blume says, “how important that mind-body connection is. If you’re sending good thoughts to your body, your cells change. To me, that’s just fascinating.”

WaterMeWell Lake Forest IL

Blume and Barnhart point to experiments performed by Japanese researcher Dr. Masuru Emoto during which he observed how water reacted at its freezing point when written messages were attached to the container. In cases of positive words, the water formed beautiful crystals. When negative terminology was introduced, the crystals could not hold their shape.

Blume and Cartwright took that concept and are applying it to the human body, 50 to 70 percent of which is composed of water.

“We wanted to put those good words up against bodies,” Blume says. “We don’t claim that our offerings cure people, we do believe they can heal.”

Blume and Barnhart recognize the skeptical view some may apply when considering their company’s mission.

“(Our clothing) is just a starting point for harnessing what you already have within,” Barnhart says. “It’s all about empowering what already exists within you.”

Aside from its powerful intent, WaterMeWell’s line of clothing is hands down fantastic.

“It’s all very eco-friendly and very comfortable,” Barnhart says.

“And there’s a wicking component as well,” Blume adds—meaning it wears well for workouts. And the fabric’s antimicrobial properties keep it fresher, longer.

Even better? The line’s combination of high quality standards and its inspirational and positive messages make it a no-brainer for gifting friends and relatives.

The line features clothing for men, women and children, too.

WaterMeWell’s Web site also offers a unique feature for your own favorites—send them your favorite piece of clothing, such as a tee, a dress shirt, yoga pants, jacket, etc.—and for $15, they’ll imprint your favorite WaterMeWell message on it, bless it and return it to you!

You can find WaterMeWell apparel and accessories online at or at these 4 North Shore locations:

Notice This
2057 Green Bay Rd.
Highland Park
847-432-1212 Full

Bloomed Lotus
1217 Washington

A Green Horizon
1148 Central

Peg Ann Kompany
79 E. Scranton
Lake Bluff

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