From Test Prep to Summer Tutoring, Academic Approach Has the Tools to Keep Your Student Sharp

Although Academic Approach is best known for our ACT/SAT tutoring services, we are, unsurprisingly, experts in everything academic. 

That includes academic tutoring to support your student with their schoolwork; helping them through a particularly tricky class; guaranteeing they’ve mastered skills that might have slipped through the cracks during COVID-impacted school years; or tacking on some summer tutoring to ensure that the knowledge they’ve gained this year doesn’t slip away like poorly applied sunscreen at the beach. 

All of these academic services are available to middle school students, too. Middle school preparation is often overlooked, but it can truly be the key to setting your student up for later success. Academic Approach offers the highest level of middle school instruction available in Chicago, and it can be accessed through a variety of services customized to your student’s needs. 

If you want your student to start preparing for high school entrance exams over the summer, sign them up for our classroom course — we promise we’ve made it as fun as “summer school” can possibly be. Think your student needs a little extra support with their schoolwork next year? Inquire about one-on-one academic tutoring for the fall, too.

Just as ACT/SAT prep is the most common reason high school students come to us, most middle school parents initially call us for help preparing their students for high school entrance exams. Obviously, standardized test prep is our bread and butter; our sweet spot and easiest flex. It’s what’s made us so successful for over two decades. It’s a code we genuinely love teaching students to crack, especially because it offers so many opportunities to ensure that the skills students need for success in college and beyond are mastered.


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As cheesy as it may sound, at the end of the day, what we care about most is making sure our students are well-equipped to handle, and feel confident about, their futures, whether that means getting into their dream university or knowing how to compose a thoughtful, grammatically correct text to their grandparent that won’t make you cringe.  

Ultimately, though, the best educational preparation for any student is one that is longstanding and multipronged. The best offense, as they say, is a good defense. 

It’s why we’ve designed our services to support a student from sixth grade through college, continuously or as needed. We can see your student through middle school coursework, high school entrance exams, high school coursework, final exams, AP exams and college entrance exams. This longevity is exactly why Academic Approach is the very best partner you can have in ensuring your child’s success. 

We can truly do it all, and perhaps more importantly, we have the expertise and resources at hand to design an effective educational pathway for your student, ensuring they always have support when they need it, and of course, sneakily laying the groundwork for eventual ACT/SAT preparation. 

At Academic Approach, we plan forwards and backwards. We plan beyond the short-term and we plan strategically to make sure your student gets the most out of every hour of tutoring.   

It’s hard to predict which class or which year your student will struggle with most. It’s hard to know how many AP classes your student can handle before needing extra help. It’s impossible to predict what the state of college admissions may look like by the time your middle schooler is submitting their applications. Why not have a plan in place?

Connect with Academic Approach this summer and let’s get everything into place so you can take advantage of our services at any point in your child’s middle school and high school journey.

Wherever your student is at their academic journey, approach it with us. We’ll take it from here. To contact our team or to find more details on our services, visit the Academic Approach website.

Academic Approach was also named Best Tutor in Better’s “Best of 2022” Reader’s Choice Awards.

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