Cool Outdoor Toys

It’s mid-summer, and the kids are bored to tears. These new and popular gadgets are sure to keep your kids and their friends entertained for hours.


Disguised as a water noodle, this foam toy floats and shoots water up to 30 feet. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and flying off the shelves of local toy stores.

Available at:
The Village Toy Shop (Winnetka)
Three Wishes Toys ‘N More (Wilmette)

Splash Rocket
Combine water and rocket launching and you get the Splash Rocket. Stomp on the launcher and watch as the rocket soars up to 30 feet in the sky, splashing everyone beneath it.

Available at:
The Village Toy Shop (Winnetka)

Squap is an active throw and catch game that comes with two snap traps and four balls. The trap acts as a mitt and also launches the ball as you open it with your hand.

Available at:
Becky & Me Toys (Glenview & Evanston)
Lad & Lassie (Wilmette)
Brilliant Sky Toys & Books (Deer Park)

The Pumponator is a portable balloon pumping station. It comes with 500 biodegradable balloons and tie strings, making it easy to use and perfect for times when your family’s on the go.

Available at:
Beanstalk (Highland Park)
The Toy Station (Lake Forest)
Children’s Gift Shop (Northfield)

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