Easy and Fun Fall Crafts with Kids

Kids love to collect the red and gold leaves of fall and these super easy (no special supplies needed!) crafts give you something to do with them.

You can plan a “walk” to your backyard, which might be plenty of adventure for the little ones, or really get back to nature and check out these great nature centers and trails.

Once you come home, let the fun begin!

Leaf rubbings: Place your leaf under a piece of light colored paper and color over it with a crayon.

Leaf creatures: Glue leaves on white paper and use the leaf as a starting point for a leaf-creature, animal, or object.

Leaf stamps: Use a brush to apply a thin layer of tempera paint over the leaf. On light-colored paper or on a blank card press the leaf firmly showing the leaf’s shape, veins, and stem. You can press again without reapplying paint for a more delicate design. This is a great project for homemade cards.

Leaf silhouettes: Place leaf on light paper and dip a thick-headed brush in paint. While holding the leaf in place, tap around the outside edge of the leaf. Once finished, gently remove the leaf for a silhouette effect.

These projects will let the memories of fall last a little longer and encourage your family to get outside and be together!

For information about neighboring forest preserves including maps of biking and walking trails see: Cook County or Lake County trail information. To identify leaves and trees of Illinois visit Illinois’ Best Plant Index.

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