New Trier Facilities, What Would You Support?

In November, Make It Better published a poll asking New Trier Township voters to express their support for the facilities referendum.

Of the approximately 600 respondents, over 60% opposed the measure.  Exact results were:

No: 381 (60.5%)
Yes: 189 (30%)
Undecided: 42 (6.7%)
After 2010: 18 (2.9%)

Interestingly, last week’s election results mirrored our poll 3 months earlier. Almost 63% of the 21,681 votes, opposed the project.

No: 13,647 (62.9%)
Yes: 8,034 (37.1%)

Had the Board Of Education solicited the community’s opinion in a quick, free online poll before its November vote, it might have chosen a different, and less divisive and expensive, course.

Our astute community is now well educated about the New Trier facilities needs.  Now is the perfect time to ask what, if anything, voters would be willing to support with additional tax dollars.  If a consensus emerges from their responses, it could be tested with a simple online poll.

Please start this important community conversation here.  If you are a New Trier Township voter, please tell us what, if any, facility project you support.  We hope to be able to develop a simple poll from your comments soon.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

For comprehensive information about the Referendum election, visit this web site.

For more about the referendum, visit New Trier High School’s web site and search “referendum.”

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