Tech Solutions Help Older Adults

Who can ever forget the “I’ve fallen but I can’t get up!” TV spot advertising a panic button for seniors.

It resonates not only because it’s funny, but also for the real need it portrays…a method to keep our aging parents safe and in touch.

Medical professionals who care for older adults know that falls are a leading cause of injury to seniors, and there are a host of other chronic conditions that need monitoring as well.

Technology is keeping pace with new innovations that make it easy to know a person’s condition, whether you are one mile away or across country.

Here are a few new monitoring devices to check out:

AFrame Digital

AFrame Digital offers a system with a real-time view of the health and well-being of seniors. It doesn’t rely on someone to press a panic button. The company’s MobileCare Monitor claims to provide real-time, continuous health and safety monitoring of seniors, patients managing chronic conditions and other at-risk individuals.

The system uses a watch-like device that contains sensors to detect impacts or falls and provides an alert without the push of a button. It also includes an emergency call button so users can call for help manually if needed. The most important benefit of the watch is that it can be personalized for each user.

Learn more at: AFrame

Just5 Phone

Just5 phone is a simplified cell phone with easy-to-read numbers, amplified audio and an SOS feature that alerts family members if the phone’s owner suffers a fall. The phone is geared for people with failing eyesight, difficulty hearing or who need someone to monitor them.

When you press Just5’s SOS button, the phone will text an urgent message, such as “I’m having an emergency, please answer” to five numbers that you set up in advance: 911, family, friends, doctors, etc. Meanwhile, the phone is emitting a siren to attract the attention of anyone nearby.

The phone is available with calling plans starting at $3.33 a month, but AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers can slide their SIM cards into the phone to keep using their current accounts.

Check it out at:


If you’re not ready for Just5 or AFrame, Wellcore Emergency Response System is a dedicated fall detector that is an eligible expenditure for those whose health insurance includes flexible spending accounts.

Wellcore is $199 for a base unit and wearable transmitter, plus $50 a month for a monitoring service. It includes a 24-hour monitoring service, and can be worn on a belt or in a pocket. It measures a sudden change in acceleration and compares that to the wearer’s walking and running habits. If the Wellcore sensor detects a fall, the monitoring service is alerted.

Learn more at: Wellcore’s YouTube channel

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