Quiz: Are You Living Agelessly?

This quiz is taken from “Amortality: The Pleasures and Perils of Living Agelessly” by Catherine Mayer (Vermilion, £12.99).

To read our interview with Catherine Mayer, click here. More information about amortality is here.

“Ten Questions Towards a Diagnosis: Are You Amortal?”

Tick the answer that most closely matches your immediate response.

1.    The difference between the age you are and the age you feel is

a)    More than 10 years.
b)    Up to 10 years.
c)    I feel the age I am.
d)    No idea. Age is an irrelevance.

2.    Describe your typical Sunday:
a)    I often have to catch up on work but I also find time for friends
b)    I usually have a lazy day and watch TV.
c)    Church, household chores and family pursuits.
d)    Hard to say, but just as busy as the rest of the week.

3.    The late thirties and forties are the best ages to have babies:
a)    I agree, and I/my friends have done just that/are planning to do that.
b)    I’m not sure that’s true. It’s probably better to have kids when you have more energy.
c)    I disagree. It’s unfair on the kids who have older parents.
d)    I haven’t got round to thinking about babies.

4.    Your friend’s new lover is 25 years younger than your friend. You:

a)    Don’t think the age difference matters. They’re soul mates.
b)    Understand the attraction but the age gap means the relationship is unlikely to last.
c)    Think ‘there’s no fool like an old fool’.
d)    Hadn’t noticed.

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5.    You are permanently stressed and worried. You turn to:

a)    Therapy. I start by fixing myself.
b)    Retail therapy. It always makes me feel better.
c)    Prayer. It always makes me feel better.
d)    Stress? The only thing that makes me feel stressed is having nothing to do.

6.    Your ideal holiday would be:
a)    Action-packed. An adventure.
b)    A mixture of relaxation and sightseeing.
c)    I like to spend quiet time at home.
d)    I prefer work trips. They’re a better way to get under the skin of a country.

7.    Your fitness routine involves:
a)    Guilt. I belong to a gym but I rarely go.
b)    I exercise/play a sport but I’m not as fit as I used to be.
c)    At school/college I played a vigorous sport.
d)    I don’t really need to exercise because I’m always running to the next appointment.

8.    When you think about retirement you:

a)    Shudder. I never want to stop working.
b)    Wonder if I’ll ever be able to afford to retire.
c)    I am looking forward to my golden years.
d)    I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet.

9.    The following statement best describes your attitude towards getting old:
a)    I don’t intend to get old the way people used to.
b)    It comes to us all, I suppose …
c)    I look forward to the dignity and wisdom of age.
d)    I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet.

10.    Every life ends in death. Discuss:
a)    Maybe, but science is on the point of finding ways to make us live longer.
b)    That’s true but I’d really rather not think about it.
c)    And death is the beginning of eternal life.
d)    I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet.


Mostly As
Bona fide amortal. You have strong amortal inclinations and are already living agelessly, at least in some respects.

Mostly Bs
On the way to amorality. You have latent amortal tendencies that may well develop in future.

Mostly Cs
Mortal soul: You have significant immunity to amorality and are unimpressed by many of its manifestations.

Mostly Ds
Amortal to the max: You’re so detached from external concepts of age that you probably don’t even realize how agelessly you live.

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