How to Zig when Life Zags: Advice from Work-Life Expert

Has your life taken unexpected twists and turns?

Are you feeling confused, lacking direction or concerned that you can survive the freefall of a changing world?

If so, now is the time to explore the hidden opportunities or the upside. There are always answers to difficult questions, and a way to navigate through the zigs and zags of life confidently and comfortably. To do that, you need a formula that integrates all areas of your life: financial, spiritual, professional and personal. By taking a holistic approach, you can find the upside in life’s downturns while developing long-lasting, sustainable success and happiness.

Discover the truth about change

The “not-known” is part of our new reality. This brings rapid change along with undiscovered opportunities. In the past, it was easier to navigate your personal and career goals but the rate of change in the new norm can be overwhelming. Examine your fears and expectations regarding change and controlling your life. In the new norm, you get to write your own success rules and unleash your authentic life path.

Rewrite “the rules” by reworking your American Dream

What is really important and makes you truly happy? By redefining success and happiness you are able to live your life with ease in the new reality. Your new success model may encompass a new definition of prosperity—one that isn’t dependent on consumption, overwork, expectations from others or the traditional “American Dream.”

Build your bank account by reassessing your financial thermostat

Are you trapped in the cycle of living beyond your means? Your lifestyle choices and financial well-being are an important part of a holistic plan for success. In the new norm, opportunities to enjoy more flexibility abound but there may not be the same financial prospects. Choosing a simpler lifestyle may provide you with freedom and less worry.

Success is not solitary

The power of partnerships is extremely important during times of change.  Use community support systems, networking outlets, friends and family to increase your success equation.

In your new journey to find the upside, you will need to adapt, be flexible and creative. The holistic approach will help you on your journey for sustainable success and happiness and, hopefully, fewer zags and more zigs.

About the author: Bonnie Michaels is an internationally recognized work-life expert, speaker and author. She has been helping individuals with work-life strategies since 1987. Her new book is Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags. For interviews or workshops, contact her at email, 847-308-0919, or

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