Keeping your Bike Ready to Ride

Your bike will last a long time if you take care of it well and give it regular attention.

This does not need to be a time-consuming process, but quick, regular inspection will help you to spot minor problems before they become bigger issues.  Below is a basic maintenance and inspection schedule:

At the start of each season, perform a full tune-up, especially if you used your bike heavily before putting it away for the winter.  Some parts do wear out and replacing them early ensures you will have safe spring rides.

Lubricate your chain at least once a month with bicycle specific lubricant, more frequently in wet or very dusty conditions.  The chain only needs a little bit, and it is best if you can let it dry overnight before riding so that the liquid portion of the lube can evaporate.

Pump up your tires before each ride, even if you don’t think they need it.  Tires in perfect condition still lose pressure over time and if you do this each ride, they should only require a few pumps.

Carry a spare tire tube and CO2 cartridges (or frame-mounted pump) with you in a saddle bag and know how to use them if you have a flat.  Refill the seat bag as soon as you get home so you are ready to go for the next ride.

After each ride, make a note of any issues you noticed while they are fresh in your mind.  Examples include sluggish shifting, weak braking power or rattling parts.

Vision Quest Cycling Tips sponsored by the TREK Bicycle Store of Highland Park

Robbie Ventura, Founder and Owner
Jason Schisler, Director of Coaching

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