Leggings and Tights for Killer Legs

January is all about staying warm, but long underwear under pants gets old, fast. Wear your skirts well into winter by pairing them with tights both practical and fun.


Patterned tights are fun and flirty, but many of us find them impractical for winter wear since they offer less coverage. However, you needn’t wait until spring to wear these stylish stockings: Instead, layer patterned tights over matte ones to give you that extra bit of warmth. Don them over basic black or other neutrals for a monochromatic look, or, for something bolder, try them over bright colors.


This classic pattern is graphic but not too busy, so it will work with a variety of skirts.

$16.50, Banana Republic Chevron Pointelle Tights


The vertical lines of ribbed tights slim your legs, and wool adds a bit of warmth. We like the freshness of the gray, seen here, but they also come in black.

$26.50, J. Crew Wide-rib Wool Tights




Adopt the lace trend for your legs, but keep things simple with the rest of your outfit.

$16.95, New York & Company Lace Tights




Business in front, party in back: These tights have a smattering of crystals along the backs of the legs, adding a touch of unexpected sparkle to an outfit.

$36, Kate Spade Spangle Tights




When days are gray, it’s fun to spice things up with a pop of color. The key is to make sure the shade of your tights is reflected elsewhere in your outfit so you don’t end up clashing.

Jewel Tones

We love these hues from Gap, which give you a kick of color but aren’t distractingly bright.

$11, Gap Opaque Tights




No question, white tights can be hard to pull off, but there’s something appealing about switching up dark legs. To keep things from looking too girlish, go for a winter white shade as opposed to bright white, and try a tight with some texture, like this cable knit. Pair with a sweater dress and utilitarian booties to balance out the femininity.

$22, Lauren by Ralph Lauren Cotton Cable Tights



Fortunately for those of us living in northern climes, there are plenty of tights out there made of sterner stuff. Fleece and wool tights are a bit more of an investment, but when those winds blow, your legs will thank you.


Warm, soft, divine.

$34, Plush Fleece-Lined Tights





We love the burgundy shade of these tights, which also have a touch of cashmere for softness and warmth.

$28, Nordstrom Love Sweater Tights




Best Buy

How genius are these? Spanx brings us tights that reverse from black to brown, black to gray or black to navy, giving you two pairs in one.

$34, Spanx Reversible Tight-End Tights

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