Mariano’s to Offer Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Here is some good news: Covid-19 antibody testing just got easier. Starting today, antibody testing is available at Mariano’s pharmacy locations throughout Chicagoland.

The FDA-authorized rapid antibody tests are conducted using a finger-prick blood sample. The test will inform patients if they have previously been infected with Covid-19. You can register for the test here.

The tests are supplied by Whitmire Medical and are now available at Mariano’s pharmacy locations for $25. The tests typically provide results within 15 minutes. Individuals who believe they may have previously been infected with Covid-19 and are not currently experiencing symptoms are eligible for the test.

Antibody testing is still undergoing research to determine how long antibodies are present following infection of Covid-19. Antibody tests does not mean immunity to the virus, nor are they 100 percent accurate, according to the CDC. But there are pros to knowing besides knowing your status—if you test positive for antibodies, you can donate your plasma to help treat others battling Covid-19, and you can even help in the development of vaccines.

When getting tested, please remember to continue to comply with CDC guidelines: wear a mask and practice safe social distancing. And if you test positive for antibodies, that does not give you a hall pass to skip the mask.

“We are excited for our Mariano’s pharmacy teams to work with Kroger Health to provide rapid antibody testing for the communities we serve,” said Stacy Doyle, VP Pharmacy for Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. “Making rapid antibody testing available will not only provide an affordable and convenient testing solution for individuals who want to understand if they have previously been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, but also help clinicians understand the long-term impacts of COVID-19 and potential public health strategies for fighting the disease.”

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