New Opportunities for Your Amazing Skills

Are you an empty nester? Is your last child finishing high school, and you’re wondering, “What next?”

Maybe you’ve just been itching to do something else. Or, finances may dictate that you need to go back to work. Where do you start?

We know it’s intimidating, and that’s why we want to help you in this exciting journey. Make It Better – North Shore has added a “Your Career” section to our website. We’ll be providing tools and resources to help you make the transition from home to office. And, we’ll be holding a series of workshops and seminars focusing on how to be successful in today’s workplace.


Most exciting to us is the launch of our local Job Board, which is dedicated to opportunities for you right in your own backyard!

Look at how your stay-at-home experience translates into marketable skills:

  • Leadership = 94% of you have children
  • Conflict Management = 88% of you are married
  • Budget Management = 85% of you manage your household spending
  • Computer Savvy = 3 hours a day is your average online usage
  • Decision Maker = 92% of you will switch brands to support a cause you believe in

And, look at your accomplishments:

  • PTA President = Leadership
  • Raised money for your child’s school = Fundraising
  • Secretary of the Heart Ball Committee = Administrative
  • Sunday School Teacher = Director

Whether you’ve made the decision to go back to work or just want to explore the possibility, we invite you to join our “Your Career” mailing list. You’ll receive invitations to seminars and e-mail blasts.

Give us feedback; let us know how we can help you be successful!

And, if you’re a business owner on the North Shore and interested in posting a job opportunity, please contact Lisa Beck at or 847-256-4642.

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