Paloma Picasso—A Mother/Daughter Interview

Tiffany & Co. hosted a cocktail party with acclaimed Tiffany designer Paloma Picasso on April 7 at its famed Michigan Avenue store in Chicago.

The evening celebrated Picasso’s 30 years of designing for Tiffany & Co. Guests attended the event to admire the Paloma Picasso collections and engage in candid conversations with the celebrated designer. Here is the conversation with Picasso, Make It Better Founder Susan Noyes and her daughter, Skatie Noyes.

SBN: Welcome to Chicago! We understand that you very much like this city. Could you please tell us why?

PP: I love the architecture, the energy and that the people here have strong opinions.

SBN: And you are the daughter of a man with strong opinions …

PP: Actually both my mother and father had strong opinions. They were both painters, too.

SBN: Please tell us more about your mother. How has she influenced your life and work? Is she still painting?

PP: Of course she still paints and with what energy! She never ceases to fascinate me with her creativity and wisdom.

SBN: My daughter Skatie—who also has very strong opinions—has a suggestion for you.

SN: You need to design a surfboard charm for Tiffany charm bracelets, please.

PP: But I have! And it’s coming out this summer.

SBN: Skatie also wants to be a fashion designer. Do you have any advice for her, or for other aspiring designers?

PP: She has to learn to be humble and be ready to work very hard. She must define her own style by identifying her strong likes and dislikes and remember to be very critical of her own work.

SBN: Besides art and fashion, what are the topics about which you also have strong opinions? And what are those opinions?

PP: I am very fortunate to have found my husband Eric to share my passions and my opinions. We compliment and move ahead together in the different fields that are important to us in and out of art and fashion.

SBN: What are your hopes for the future?

PP: I hope to always be up for new challenges. I am designing a new collection inspired by a city that is full of magic, mystery and beauty after Marrakesh; and also on men’s jewelry.

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