Project Runway: What Happened to Peach?

Don’t worry. Project Runway’s Peach Carr was the first one to be named safe from Thursday night’s elimination—30 minutes before the show was even over.


Talk about a different week for Carr, who last week found herself in the bottom three where two were ultimately sent home.

“When I heard it was the party store challenge,” says Carr, “I knew all my years of making costumes was going to pay off.” With a corseted dress made from cupcake liners and zebra gift bags, Carr rose to the top. And while it didn’t get much screen time, the coordinating handbag and bracelet made from PEZ were the producers’ favorites.

Well into the competition, the designers’ true colors are starting to show. Having won two challenges in a row, Gretchen Jones seems to feel like the top prize is in the bag. “Her ego is gigantic,” Carr says. “Gretchen critiques our work whether we ask for it or not. But the judges are having a major love fest with her. She could send a dress made of toilet paper down the runway and they’d love it.”

The compassionate side of a number of competitors is also coming through. When Carr and April Johnston saw castmate Andy South struggling to finish the night’s winning dress, they stepped in and helped him complete his project. “Last week when I was in the weeds, Andy threw me some pink material and told me to make a bubble skirt. It was just what I needed when I needed it. I told him that I have his back.”

Carr’s personality is winning more fans each week. While out shopping with her daughter this week, an 11-year-old fan approached Carr for her autograph. “It’s so nice to be recognized. But to be tapped on the shoulder by this young girl who loves the show and what I’m doing was just so sweet.”

And what about Carr’s killer cocktail rings that steal almost every scene she’s in? “Forever XXI. I don’t think I paid more than $7.50 for any of the rings I’ve worn on the show.”

Next week, hold on to your hats. Milliner to the queen, Philip Treacy is the guest judge.

Be sure to check back next Friday for more from Carr. And if you have a question you’d like Carr to answer, email

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