How to Talk to Your Partner About Better Sex

Talking about sex is an important part of a healthy intimate relationship, but having the conversation can feel difficult and awkward. There’s still a lot of shame and discomfort around sex. We aren’t used to talking about our sex life in honest, specific ways with anyone—including the person we’re sleeping with.  Sometimes we don’t broach […]

Things Women Should Know About Their Guy’s Parts

I’ve written a lot about women’s bodies and sensuality over the years, so I think it’s only fair to focus on the men’s sexual health and pleasure for a change. After all, if you’re sleeping with a guy, you should understand how his body works, right? And the penis is quite a remarkable organ. With […]

Is Monogamy Realistic? No, Says Dan Savage

Writer/activist Dan Savage and I have a lot in common. We’re both sex columnists; we’re both parents of teenage children; and we’re both married to men who look hot in their bathing suits. But when it comes to talking about sex, I’m as bland as vanilla baby pudding compared to the spicy, brutally honest, often controversial Savage. His advice column, “Savage Love,” is syndicated […]

Better Sex? Breathe Deep and Do Your Kegels

In our April issue we’re celebrating the body, so as your faithful sex columnist, I’d like to draw your attention to your oft-neglected pelvic floor muscles. The group of muscles down there (also called PC muscles) that holds all our pelvic organs in place. You’re probably clenching them right now, just thinking about them. We […]