Tips for Making Your Blowout Last Longer

How to Make Your BlowOut Last Longer

Looking for a low-maintenance, unfussy holiday hairstyle that doesn’t involve a million bobby pins stabbing you in the back of the head? A blowout is a simple yet party-appropriate option.

“It’s a quick way to look glamorous without having to spend a lot of money,” says BlowDry Boutique co-owner Vikki Kokuzian.

This is the time of year most people want to look festive, says Vivian Arpino, owner of BloOuts Blow Dry Bar, which was voted the Best Blow Out of 2015.

“It’s a special time of the year,” Arpino says. “Why not look a little special? A little fancy for parties.”

A blowout is also a hairstyle that doesn’t have to last a single day, unlike a fancy updo. The experts say the average blowout is supposed to last three to five days, but that can vary depending on the person’s hair and its texture.

There are things that can be done to extend the life of a blowout as well.

“No products or very minimum product,” says BlowDry Boutique co-owner Caroline Shamoun. “The least amount of products the longer the wear, including hairspray.”

Shamoun also advises that hair accessories should be avoided, including barrettes, headbands and clips.

“It could leave a dent in the hair,” she says.

While many people want to work off those extra pounds they pack on at parties and devouring holiday cookies, Arpino says: “No working out. No sweating.” So if you’re floating from party to party, take some time off from the gym if you’d like to keep your blowout looking nice.

When it comes to sleeping with your blowout, there are a couple of methods to try.

“Use an old-fashioned cloth scrunchie and loosely pile on top of your head,” Shamoun says. “There will be no dents, and you still have your wave.”

Arpino says a low, loose ponytail will work, but a little touch up the next morning should be done.

“Everyone needs to do a little something to their hair,” she says. “Use velcro rollers, [let them] sit in your hair for 10 minutes or touch it up with a curling iron.”

If your blowout is starting to lag, dry shampoo is another great way to refresh, Kokuzian says.

BlowDry Boutique is offering a holiday blow dry package. Buy five blow drys get one free for $150 in Shop For Good.


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