TV’s Louise Roe Talks Fashion Tips and Trends

TV personality and fashion expert Louise Roe recently visited the North Shore for a fun-filled evening at Westfield Old Orchard’s Fash Bash.

Alaina Kaczmarski—host of the evening and cofounder and editor of “The EveryGirl” blog—talked with Roe about this summer’s fashion trends. A three-look fashion show from Bloomingdale’s showcased three of the hottest trends: culottes, fringe and sorbet colors. Afterward, Roe participated in a Q&A with the attendees and discussed her brand-new book, “Front Roe,” a compilation of practical tips and tricks picked up through years of working in the fashion industry.

Before she jetted off to her next location, the British fashionista sat down with us to discuss style, career and Chicago.

MIB: What styling tips do you have for moms who are always on the go?

Louise Roe: That’s funny because my audience is always split between that age group and early twenty-somethings starting their first jobs. Although they’re very different, there’s a lot of advice that can resonate for both groups. One of the main chapters I start out with is how to find your style because it’s a minefield to walk into a store—especially a big department store—and try to find something. They think, “I don’t even know what body shape I am, let alone budget. What colors, prints and fabrics work for me?”

You have to start at the start. Before you even go shopping, I’m really strict about the things you need to do: one of which is looking in the mirror naked. We don’t do it enough because it’s not always something we feel like doing. You’re always in [a] rush getting dressed. But without knowing your natural body shape, you can’t flatter it and use tricks of the eye with your clothes.

Get naked. Look in the mirror. Detox your wardrobe. All before you go shopping.

And that’s something you do on your TLC television show, “Styled By Jury,” right? You have the candidates wear body suits and get to know their body shape better.

Yes, it is. It’s humorous, but it’s also quite harsh and moving at times. It’s meant to prove a point about how you can alter someone’s perception of your figure.

What do you think are the hottest trends for summer?

Loads of prints and sorbet colors. If you’re scared to do that on a dress, just dip your toe in by doing an accessory or a shoe. That’s another way to update what you already have—so if you have a cute white dress that’s timeless, you update it with a bright belt and a matching bag.

Did you have an education in journalism?

No, I have a degree in English Literature. My dad’s a journalist and his advice was not to do a vocational degree. [There’s] nothing wrong with it; people do it, but he was old school and wanted me to get an academic degree. So I did, and I’m really glad I did because actually I’m a total nerd—I’m a book worm. I love poetry; I love novels; I love plays. And I think that before you enter the workforce, this is your last chance to engross yourself into something that isn’t really going to be a big part of your everyday life. And ultimately, if you want to end up in journalism, you’ll end up in journalism.

What else are doing in Chicago?

I’m only here for 24 hours! We want to go Soho House and definitely see the Bean.

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