The Coolest Things You Didn’t Know You Could Have Delivered

These days it seems like anything we want is at the touch of our fingertips, thanks to mobile apps galore and emerging tech startups fulfilling needs we didn’t even know we had. The delivery space is getting crowded with new players, and you can get anything from dog food to cocktails to massages delivered right to your door with the swipe of an app. Here are a few unique delivery services we’ve test-driven and loved.

Sprig: Delivers Fresh, Healthy Dinners

With Sprig, you no longer have to choose between health and convenience when it comes to dinner. The menu changes every day, and you can choose from among four meals. Each option has nutritional information and a beautiful photo, so you know exactly that you’re ordering. Right now, the delivery radius is only within the city limits, but they do hope to expand beyond that as they grow. Their tagline sums it up nicely—“fresh meals using wholesome ingredients, delivered in 15 minutes.” All meals are between $10-14. Use code GIBSON7525 for a $10 credit!

Ideal for: When you don’t want to browse through hundreds of options on GrubHub. When your friends cancel dinner plans on you at the last minute.


Your Pet Chef: Delivers Gourmet Meals for Dogs

Your dogs can get in on the gourmet food delivery action, too, with Your Pet Chef. Meals are personalized depending on your pet’s tastes and any health concerns, and they’re all individually packaged. All food is made in Chicago with human-grade ingredients, and delivery of frozen meals is available up to the Wisconsin border and as far west as Elgin. The pet chef, Lisa Hennessy, says she is currently working on cat food to add to her repertoire.

Ideal for: Folks with health-challenged pets and people who treat their dogs like human children.

Seedsheet: Delivers Ready-to-Plant Gardens

Gardening is as easy as unfurling a woven polypropylene cloth over soil with Seedsheet. No seeding or weeding necessary. Based upon your zip code, Seedsheet recommends herbs, flowers and vegetables that will grow well in your climate. All the seeds are 100 percent organic, and the founder says he hopes to “revolutionize local food production” by allowing anyone in suburban and urban settings to become their own florist and farmers’ market.

Ideal for: Anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb or much outdoor space.


Drizly: Delivers Booze

Drizly partners with local retailers to deliver an assortment of beer, wine and liquor to your door in less than an hour. There’s no markup on the price of alcohol, just a $5 delivery fee, and the app (for iOS and Android) is easy to navigate. You’ll need an ID to accept delivery, and there are thousands of options to get your booze on.

Ideal for: Date night at home, stocking the bar for guests or when you don’t want to pay for a bottle from the overpriced and under-stocked hotel minibar.

Cocktail Courier: Delivers Craft Cocktail Ingredients

If you want to play bartender, Cocktail Courier takes alcohol delivery a step farther by including not only the booze, but also all the accoutrements (including fresh fruit) you’ll need to assemble your own craft cocktails, along with recipes from top local bartenders and detailed instructions so even the novice mixologist will feel like a pro. You can also sign up for a subscription to receive a new drink weekly or biweekly to try with your friends.

Ideal for: Hosting a cocktail party without leaving your house.


Soothe: Delivers Licensed Massage Therapists

Soothe calls itself the “Uber of massages,” but we think a 90-minute back rub is even more luxurious than a black Escalade pulling up at your door. The massage-on-demand service just launched in Chicago and is now available in 12 cities across the country. Licensed, vetted, certified massage therapists are ready to relieve your achy muscles at your home, office or hotel room any day of the week from 9 a.m. until midnight. The price includes gratuity and you can choose from Swedish, deep tissue or sports massages all for the same flat rate.

Ideal for: Any time that you’re feeling both lazy and sore.

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