An Unforgettable Performance

The Watoto Children’s Choir is bringing inspiring song and dance to the North Shore.


Since the first choir was created in 1994, 55 Watoto Children’s Choirs have toured the world to raise awareness for the nearly 50 million orphaned children in Africa. These tours give the children, who have lost one or both parents, a chance to broaden their horizons and experience the world. The choir has performed at the White House and Buckingham Palace, and most recently at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London. They are currently touring the United States presenting Beautiful Africa: A New Generation.

A History of Healing

For the past 17 years, Watoto Child Care Ministry has been providing holistic care to orphaned children and at-risk women in Uganda. There are currently more than 2,000 children and babies being care for in the Watoto villages, and 2,100 women are receiving support through Watoto’s Living Hope initiative. In a region where more than 14 million children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and millions of children don’t make it to their fifth birthday, Watoto helps individuals reach their goals and better their community. They provide essentials such as physical care, medical treatment, formal and vocational education, counseling and moral and spiritual discipleship.

Life Changing Programs

At Watoto’s children’s villages, housemothers live with up to eight children over the age of two. Each home is part of a village—a small community containing a nursery school, kindergarten, primary and high schools, as well as a water project, medical clinic and a community center. The villages also have ample green space, so the children have a safe place to play.

Baby Watoto was created to help babies under the age of two who have been abandoned or neglected. They receive essential medical help and are cared for until they graduate to a children’s village or are well enough to return home to their relatives.

The Living Hope program was created in 2008 to support women who are HIV+, returning from abduction or teenage mothers. They restore these women’s dignity through support, HIV/AIDS care, vocational training and empowerment.

Project Gulu focues on minimizing the effects of war in Uganda. They emphasize four core areas: trauma rehabilitation, medical intervention, education and strategic town partnership.

An Inspirational Event

On Tuesday June 26th at 7 p.m., the Watoto Children’s Choir will perform at St. Athanasius Chuch in Evanston. All are welcome to come and experience the powerful message these children bring.

To donate to the Watoto Child Care Ministry, please visit their website

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