Autism Speaks: 100 Day Kit

Autism Speaks’ free 100 Day Kit offers critical information and an action plan for families in the first days after a child’s diagnosis.

While countless websites are geared toward some aspect of the disease, the 100 Day Kit compiles the essentials from the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks.

Many parents feel uncertain and helpless in the wake of a diagnosis. The 100 Day Kit (which is actually a 250-page manual) takes parents through what to do after the diagnosis, what types of therapies are best, what symptoms the child might be facing, and more. The kit also deals with the emotional aspect of the disease, and how it might affect each family member.

Autism Speaks board member Laurie Chern of Northbrook says, “What makes this resource different from others out there is how it is geared toward people living in this community.”

The kit, for instance, has specialty therapist listings available by county to help families find the best help.

Autism Speaks’ Community Ambassador Program has trained volunteers to inform pediatricians or nurses about the kit. Since launching the program, requests for the kit have doubled.

The 100 Day Kit can be downloaded for free, or can be viewed online at Anyone whose child who has been diagnosed in the past six months can receive a hard copy of the kit by calling 888-AUTISM2.

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