New Trier Alumni Hall of Honor

New Trier Township High School launches its Alumni Hall of Honor on Tuesday, March 22 at a dinner benefiting the New Trier Educational Foundation.

The school is inducting 10 remarkable and remarkably diverse individuals whose lives personify New Trier’s mission to commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion and lives to the service of humanity.

This group’s breadth and depth of accomplishment and service is stunning; from an ambassador and advocate against genocide and war crimes to a Secretary of Defense who served during war. The group also includes a former Playboy Enterprises Inc. CEO who advocates for women’s rights, a mountaineering ophthalmologist whose pioneering program saves sight in some of the most remote areas of the world, and a Holocaust survivor who found his way to Illinois and New Trier after the war and ultimately founded the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

New Trier High School’s Hall of Honor Inaugural Inductees

She ran Playboy Enterprises Inc. while supporting women’s rights and social justice.

Founding member of Harvard University and MIT’s Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School professor and cancer researcher who is using genetics to discover treatments for adult leukemia.

This postmodern dance and healing arts legend is still teaching in California.

Survived a Nazi concentration camp and was adopted by a Northbrook family. He became a successful insurance executive and president of the
Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois.

Chicago civic and business leader who grew the Nielsen Company into a multinational corporation.

A corporate leader who served his country as a naval offi cer, Congressman, Secretary of Defense and statesman. His recent autobiography is
“Known and Uknown.”

He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988 and continues to work at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

This ophthalmologist and avid mountaineer has climbed the tallest peak on
every continent and co-founded the Himalayan Cataract Project, which has treated over 500,000 patients in remote areas of the world.


This Emmy-nominated actor is best known for his role on “The Office.” Inspired by his Bahá’í Faith, he is an activist and spokesperson for universal education, the equality of men and women, and community building.

A former U.S. Ambassador and recent Special Envoy to the President in Sudan, he has turned his long career serving the U.S. government into
a mission to address genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity across the globe.

Worthy of celebration is that the selection offered an example of the democratic process, which sparked community debate and excellent family dinner table conversation. The awardees provide inspiring examples for our youth and evidence that our public schools—not just New Trier, but many in our northern suburbs—nurture excellence and individuality.

The most important benefit is a strengthening of the connection between New Trier and its amazing alumni network. Given the current economic climate and state funding laws, this initiative will help a great school stay strong and grow. Our schools are some of our greatest community assets, and their alumni can be important assets for the schools. An Alumni Hall of Honor is an excellent way to make it better for all.

For more information on sponsorships, please contact the New Trier Educational Foundation at 847-784-2346 or 847-784-2667 or email event chair Susan Noyes at

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