Incredible Kids: Parker Krex of Brick Loot

Subscription kits are all the rage. But, until now, there hasn’t been one targeted at children who love to build with LEGOs.

That all changed when Parker Krex decided to create a subscription “brick” toy kit called Brick Loot that supplies kids with new building block toys like Legos on a regular basis. The catch? Krex is only 10 years old.

Upon receiving a subscription box for his birthday, Krex was disappointed to find that it didn’t include toys that appealed to his interests. “I thought it would be awesome to get a box every month filled with LEGO and brick toys, and bam—the idea was born,” says Krex. “Once I came up with the idea, my mom and I wrote a business plan during our annual garage sale. We did a “Shark Tank”-like presentation for my dad to get funding.”

In December 2014, Krex launched the first delivery of Brick Loot, just in time for the holidays. Brick Loot was an instant hit, selling out that first month. With the help of Krex’s mom, all of the marketing for the company has been executed via social media.


A monthly subscription includes a box of unique brick products that Krex has hand-selected from all over the world. One of Krex’s favorite parts of building a business is seeing his customer’s reactions. “People love the box! If you search YouTube you will see tons of videos of people of all ages opening boxes each month. I love watching them and seeing people’s reactions to different products. My friends at school didn’t believe that I had my own company until they saw me on Fox News!

With the runaway success of the company, Krex has hired one full-time employee to assist with custom kits and packing boxes. The whole family also gets together on weekends to pack orders for customers. When asked about balancing school and work, Krex says, “We just moved into a warehouse where I have an office. I can do my homework and be a part of the action. I do my school work first, then help with research or packing. I like being a part of the company meetings and brainstorms, too.”

“It really is so impressive what Parker has done,” says Krex’s fifth grade teacher, Kelli Levy. “He is so curious about everything and comes up with questions that really challenge ideas being discussed. He looks at issues and comes up with ways of solving things by thinking outside of the box.”

What’s next for the CEO and budding entrepreneur? Krex dreams of one day having the largest brick subscription box company. “In 2015, we’re working on international shipping and
growth,” he says. “I’m also just trying to graduate fifth grade!”


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